Like other artisan crafts, photography – as performed by live people – isn’t going anywhere soon. In this technologically advanced age, which is advancing faster than we can keep up with, automation can only go so far in delivering the right results. Machines and AI can’t quite match someone’s experience and personal touch in all of its complexity, regardless of the most advanced presets and programming. Plus, people love to take pictures, and those that view them want to see the magic that has been infused. And, since businesses need the right imagery to convey their messages, photography is an essential part of the economy. It’s therfore important that experienced photographers, specializing in certain fields and with hard-gained knowledge, pass the torch on to others wanting to make their perspectives available to the marketplace.






Technology has transformed our daily lives, for better or worse. It’s often advancing at a faster rate than we humans can keep up with and grasp its implications. Take PC’s and cell phones, for example. Yes – the pervasive cell phone!  How insidiously these little devices have taken over and let us all know we’re in the wrong business. Now, we all need to know everything at once and it’s overwhelming our minds. We expect instant gratification and don’t care that Big Brother is watching.

However, it’s not all bad news. Photography, too, has seen its share of advancements, all of which are exciting and have breathed new life into the medium.


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