Preparing Your Property Shoot for Successful Results

As an agent and representative of real property owners, nothing is more important than a well-planned and carefully executed presentation. It is vital to impress a prospective buyer, garner their trust, and successfully fulfill your role. It all starts with knowing your property, hiring the right people to pre-stage, clean, and provide photography, and also involves using your own intuition and experience to formulate an effective yet truthful sales pitch.

Along with well-worded title, description and location information, photographs are the essential cornerstone of the listing and can immediately secure the attention of a prospective customer, or completely turn them away. As the first impression, properly executed photos convey the overall feeling, grandeur and detail of your property. They demonstrate that you care enough to present your properties professionally and that you take your job, and viewers reactions, seriously. Likewise, snapshot-type pictures, taken in haste without attention to composition, detail, color, lens selection, lighting and other standards can quickly cause someone to ignore your ads and look elsewhere.

Essential tools and processes used in professional real estate photography include weighted tripods, professional camera bodies and lighting, leading distortion and aberration corrected lenses, such as the Canon 11-24mm f/4.0L, and photographic techniques, such as multiple exposures and image stacking. I take my images seriously – and so should you.

In addition to making sure your rooms and exteriors are clean, free of unnecessary clutter and are staged appealingly, it is also crucial that the right time of day and weather conditions are chosen for a photo shoot. This depends on the direction key areas of the property are facing in relation to the sunlight striking, not to mention sky conditions being as optimal as can possibly be scheduled around.

In planning for the right lighting, I highly recommend the Sun Seeker app for iOS and Android. This intuitive and comprehensive application allows you to enter your property’s location and get an interactive overlay on top of a satellite view of the property, showing the orientation of the sun’s rays and their angle, at any particular time of day and time of year. I’ve found this app really helps with scheduling a successful property shoot.

In cases where unpredictable or unavoidable weather occurs, marring an otherwise perfect sky and haze-free lighting, it is possible to use a customized setup of the subscription program Luminar, an Adobe Photoshop-compatible application developed by Skylum software to replace skies. Pre-selected sky images can be intricately blended into original images to replace imperfect skies while matching color and light values. These sky replacements are mostly indistinguishable and they are more energy-efficient than manual layering techniques, but require some additional time nonetheless.

Successful and effective property photoshoots are the Hallmark of your image, and can be pulled off easily each and every time with good planning, preparation and partnership with the right professional photographer. This partnership greatly reduces stress and provides a seamless workflow as a result of broad knowledge, capability and experience in numerous areas of the business you mutually share. Reliable and trusted working partners, and their discerning assistance, will help you overcome hurdles and achieve successful sales every time


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