MLS Listing and Multi-Use Photography

Property photo shoots usually consist of a simple set-up time and date, weather permitting, and take approximately 40 minutes to 3 hours depending on property size. A close range of backup dates is helpful in case of unexpected conditions. These shoots include all interior and daylight exterior images as needed. Pricing is based on square footage and begins at $150.00 per the first 1,500 sq ft ($0.10 per additional square foot). Please inquire using the contact form, email or call.

Aerial/ Drone Photography and/ or Video

Aerial (drone/ UAS) photography should be requested at least 24 hours in advance and is also dependent on more favorable weather conditions. All safety and airspace rules are followed. You can view my certification here, at the FAA Airmen Inquiry. 4K or FHD video recording is also available, as are other specialty marketing services. Call, email or use the contact form to provide location details

Matterport Virtual Tours

Matterport virtual and 3D tours are created using the Matterport Pro2 (MC250) high resolution camera. This cutting-edge technology provides many highly useful features, including detailed walk-thrus, floorplans, measurements and more, and dramatically increases viewer interaction. High quality stills can also be grabbed from anywhere in the virtual tours. This breakthrough technology will help set your listings apart. You can view a recent sample here. Please call, email or use the contact form for inquiries, scheduling and pricing. Free hosting is included for a limited time.

Twilight & Night Photography

These images require longer exposure times and timing of ambient lighting, as well as additional post-processing steps. As with my other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about a project so that I can fully understand, meet and surpass your needs, which requires a conversation before a specific quote.

Delivery and Other Info

Photo shoots are uploaded to either my Aryeo account server (see,, Google Drive or Dropbox, depending on your preference, at high resolution and web-ready resolutions. These photos are available for immediate unrestricted download for multi-use, normally within 24 hours of the shoot date. Invoices are sent via Square and can be easily paid online.

Although it’s important to keep on top of the latest trends and visual styles, including HDR, I believe in using digital push techniques to a minimum, and instead concentrating on capturing and enhancing each scene’s best attributes, accuracy and realism. Images aren’t released unless they meet standards for advertising and publication. 

Please inquire for larger commercial or industrial properties and bulk arrangements. Usage rights are stated on invoices or in writing, as needed.

Video services

If you find yourself in need of a unique video product for social media postings, please have a look at some of my creations below: